Conditions for Town of Innisfil Road Occupancy Permits

Please Read and Agree to the following Conditions before continuing. This Permit will only be valid on Town of Innisfil maintained roadways. Note that conditions with a (*) symbol noted apply to BOTH the Standard ROP & Special Events ROP.

  1. * The Applicant will submit an application to the Town. The application shall include:
    1. Application form fully completed (all areas filled out).
    2. Valid and proper insurance which names the Town of Innisfil.
  2. * The applicant shall be solely responsible to protect all persons that may enter the site in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Town of Innisfil Health and Safety Policy and or all other Provincial or Municipal Acts, By-Laws or Polices.
  3. * All Traffic Signing must be erected and maintained as directed by the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. All devices must be in place prior to commencement of any work.
  4. * When it becomes necessary to detour traffic due to work site/event, the applicant shall submit a drawing showing proposed detour route and location of all signs for the proposed route. This proposal shall be subject to acceptance from the Road Services Department.
  5. Extensions - Where time extension is required, the holder of this permit shall apply for such extension at least 24 hours in advance of stated date or re-opening. Time extensions must be authorized by the Manager or Road Services or his authorized representative before taking effect. Failure to comply will render this permit void.
  6. * Any and all damage caused by or during work/event will be replaced forthwith.
  7. * Permit for Road Occupation/Special Events ROP are only valid for Town roads.
  8. * Permit for Road Occupation/Special Events ROP and Road Closures will not be given for unassumed roads.
  9. * Permit for Road Occupation/Special Events ROP require 10 business days for approval (with or without road closures). Increased time periods may be required depending on complexity of the event.
  10. Road crossing where required will be bored or pushed, open road cut will require special consideration and authorization.
  11. Prior to any open road cut crossing, written authorization shall be obtained from the Manager of Road Services or his authorized representative.
  12. Any and all excavations shall be compacted to a minimum of 95% standard proctor density when backfilled.
  13. Elevations prior to construction shall be maintained after construction to ensure proper drainage.
  14. * Restoration shall be carried out expediently and continually until completed to a value equal or better than that prior to construction and approval of the works is accepted upon final inspection.
  15. This permit shall be revoked and a stop work order issued by any Municipal Inspector or Designate for any contravention of infraction of the conditions contained herein, regulation or by-law.
  16. Notice of STOP WORK ORDER will cause all construction to cease immediately, until written notice is received by the applicant, from the Town, to continue the work.
General Notes
  1. * Road closures require Infrastructure Services/Road Services to notify police, fire, school boards, ambulance or any other persons as may be requested by Infrastructure Services/Road Services 48 hours prior to work commencing.
  2. *One lane will be maintained for traffic where possible.
  3. *The occupied site will be properly signed, lighted, protected, and have personnel properly outfitted to comply with the Ontario Health and Safety Act, Town of Innisfil Health and Safety Policy, Municipal By-Law, Provincial or Federal Statue.

In consideration of any permit issued in respect to this application, we, the applicants for ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns hereby agree to observe, keep and perform Permit for Road Occupation/Special Events ROP and be subject to the regulations and conditions of the said permit and to indemnify and save harmless. The Town represented by the Manager of Road Services or Director of Infrastructure or designate from and against all loss, cost, charges, damages, expenses, claims, and demands whatsoever to which may be put or which the Town may suffer or sustain or for which the Town may be liable by reason of anything done or omitted to be done in the construction, maintenance, alteration or operation of the works authorized.

This permit is issued under the authority vested by the Town of Innisfil, bylaw 33-93 and the regulations pursuant thereto and is subject to the Conditions on the Reverse hereof.

Freedom of Information

For the purpose of the Freedom of Information Act, I, the applicant, authorize and consent to the use by or the disclosure to any person or public body of any information collected under this application for the purposes of processing this application.