Burn Permits and Fire Inspections

Burn Permits are required for any open air burning in the town of Innisfil.

Civil Marriage Ceremony

Provide details regarding your proposed ceremony and plan your day with us!

Commission a Document

Provide details regarding your document commissioning requirements

Dog Tag Renewal

Pay renewal fees for an existing dog tag,

Freedom of Information Request

Request to access Municipal records relating to a particular building permit on a property.

Request access to Municipal records that potentially fall under an exemption in the normal routine disclosure Act .

Operations and Roads Permits

Purchase One Time or Annual Over-sized Load Permits

Apply to create a new entranceway or alter an existing driveways

Purchase Road Occupancy Permit in front of an address or along a Street section.
To request an Extension to an existing ROP please fill out this form

Parking Tickets

Pay Innisfil Parking tickets directly

Fill out online review form regarding an issued ticket
If you disagree with the results of the review you may request a hearing.

Property Taxes

You can access your Property Tax information online. Click here for more information or payment options

Septic Inspection Program

Request an inspection date for properties within the mandatory septic re-inspection area Click here to Request a Septic Inspection