Entranceway Permit Application

It is understood that all works will be constructed, altered, maintained or operated at the expense of the undersigned, and that work must not begin before a permit has been issued by the Town. The issue of a permit by the Town does not relieve the holder of the responsibility of complying with relevant municipal by-laws. In consideration of any permit issued in respect to this application, I/we the Applicant/s for ourselves our heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns hereby agree to conserve, keep and perform and be subject to the regulations and conditions of the said permit and to indemnify and save harmless, the Town of Innisfil and the Manager of Operational Services from and against all loss, cost, charges, damages, expenses, claims, and demands whatsoever to which the Town of Innisfil may suffer or sustain or for which the Town of Innisfil may be liable by reason of anything done in the construction, maintenance, alteration or operation of the works authorized.

DECLARATION: This approval is issued under the authority of the Town of Innisfil By-law 011-97 and the regulations pursuant thereto and is subject to the attached conditions.

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Property Owner Name (If Different from Applicant)

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Details of Entranceway Location

Please prepare a drawing indicating the location of the proposed entranceway.

When this online application is completed, please Mark proposed location on site with stakes for initial inspection by town staff.

It is your responsibility to contact the town for a final inspection.

Town of Innisfil Entranceway Permits only are valid for Municipally owned Roads - Not County Roads, Provincial Roads, or Unassumed Roads. If you are unsure, please check a map of Road Jurisdictions

Address of Property where Entranceway Permit will be located *

Details of Proposed Work

If your property is near a lake, river, stream, pond, wetland, steep slope or floodplain, you may require approval from a conservation authority because the area may be regulated. If you are in a regulated area, then a permit is needed from a conservation authority. If you are unsure, please contact the applicable conservation authority or the Town of Innisfil prior to submitting your application.

Sketching a Map

  1. Show property boundaries and dimensions.
  2. Show location of proposed entrance and any existing entrances and distances from property boundaries.
  3. Show width of proposed entrance.
  4. Show location of any utilities such as hydro poles, Bell or Cable boxes, hydrants etc.
  5. Indicate the approximate direction of North
An Example Map and Template can be found here

If you do not have a scanner, you can take a photo of the sketch on your phone and upload the file to your application.

Upload a Sketch of Entranceway Location: *

Allowed extensions pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif

Type of Application *

New Residential Entranceway or Alteration of existing Residential Entranceway
  • Permit Fee of $303
  • Damage Deposit of $1527 - to be returned upon successful final Inspection
New Commercial Entranceway or Alteration of existing Commercial Entranceway
  • Permit Fee of $303
  • Damage Deposit of $3045 - to be returned upon successful final Inspection
Paving of Existing Entranceway (No Alterations to size)
  • (Free)

Construction Details (Check all that Apply)
This is a Residential Entrance
This is a Commercial Entrance
Requires Curb construction
Requires Curb Cut
Requires Gutter Construction
This is a Temporary Entrance
The surface will be Unpaved
The surface will be Paved
Alters Existing Entrance
This will impact road drainage
This will impact road signs
Affects Permanent works
Affects Landscaping
Uses Town owned Right of way
Alters existing Surface
Affects Guide rails