Town of Innisfil Routine Disclosure Request

Please Note

Routine Disclosure is available for certain building permit records. Please note: Depending on the age, nature, and number of documents requested, your request may not be covered as part of a Routine Disclosure and may require a formal request under MFIPPA. The Routine Disclosure application fee is non-refundable, and therefore applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Town of Innisfil (705-436-3710) prior to submitting a request to determine whether their request is considered Routine Disclosure or MFIPPA.

Non-Refundable Application Fee $22.70. Each separate request will require an application fee.
Additional fees will apply for printed copies as per the Fees and Charges By-law. If you would like printed copies, please note this in your request. Otherwise, documents will be emailed.

The Town of Innisfil disclaims any liability as to the accuracy of the contents of the building plans as provided and would recommend that you contact the Engineer(s), Architect(s), Surveyor(s) and/or Designer(s) noted on the building plans to confirm accuracy if you intend to rely on them for any reason. Please note that plans are subject to provisions of the Copyright Act.

Completed requests will be retained for 30 days, after which the request will deemed abandoned and the file will be closed. If you wish to proceed with this request at a later date a new request and fee will be required.

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* Written consent will be requested by email from Staff upon completion of the application form.