Monthly Limit Increase Request

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Email Address
Phone Number on Uber Account

Street Address Appt No
City Province Postal Code

Proof of Residence Please Upload one of the following:
  • Photocopy of license
  • Photocopy of recent utility bill
  • Municipal tax bill
  • Other official document containing your name and address

  1. Please check the box(es) that best describe you:

  2. How many Innisfil Transit trips do you take in an average month?

  3. Are you taking extra trips (through the flat fare locations) in order to get to your destination?

  4. Would your average number of monthly trips have decreased to less than 30 had you taken trips
    directly to and from your destination (i.e. without booking extra trips through the flat fee locations)?

  5. Where are you taking most of your Innisfil Transit trips to/from and for what purpose?
    Please explain your need for an increase beyond the monthly limit of 30 Innisfil Transit trips.

  6. Would a limit of 50 direct monthly Innisfil Transit trips to and from your destination be sufficient?

Upon receiving this application, the Town will make best efforts to provide a written response to the Applicant
within 3 business days. In assessing the application, the Town may contact the Applicant for further
information. The Town of Innisfil will give special consideration to seniors, students, those who depend on
Innisfil Transit for work and those who face challenging circumstances. The Town will also consider the
Applicant's previous monthly ridership history and the number of direct trips needed by the Applicant to get
to/from their destinations. Applications that are received and approved by the Town before the 10th day of
each month, will be eligible for 50 Innisfil Transit trips in the following month.

Personal information collected on this form is pursuant to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection
of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter M.56, as amended, and will be used to process the application for a
request to increase the monthly limit of Innisfil Transit trips to 50. Information may also be used for
administration and to ensure compliance with the approved increase in Innisfil Transit trips. Information may be
disclosed to Uber for the purpose of implementing the monthly trip limit if approved. Questions about this
collection should be directed to: Clerk's Office, Town of Innisfil, 2101 Innisfil Beach Road, Innisfil ON, L9S
1A1, 705-436-3710 or emailed to